6 Tips for Brightening Your Smile

Who doesn’t want radiant white teeth and a smile like the stars from the glossy magazine covers? With lifestyle choices and increasing age, even the most brilliant teeth tend to discolor. Nicotine, red wine, tea, and coffee stain the teeth so badly even regular brushing can’t help. Luckily, we have the remedy.

At Marina Dental Care in San Francisco, Dr. Tracy Chan provides personalized treatment plans for stained teeth using the most advanced cosmetic dentistry techniques. Dr. Chan transforms challenging dental situations into healthy, beautiful smiles by providing compassionate, comprehensive care.

If discolored teeth are bringing you down, clinical-grade teeth whitening treatments are available at Marina Dental Care to help you achieve a whiter smile. You can also start these new habits now to brighten your smile and prevent further staining.

Easy ways to brighten your smile

It’s frustrating when over-the-counter remedies make false promises that ultimately let you down. Maybe you’ve heard about home remedies such as baking soda and lemon juice miracle cures for getting dazzling white teeth.

The bad news is these home remedies aren’t a guarantee for white teeth. In fact, they could even harm your oral health. Fortunately, there are things you can do right now without spending a dime to improve your smile.

1. Avoid these beverages

The best brightening tip is actually a preventive measure. Limit tooth discoloration by avoiding things that stain your teeth. Soda, red wine, coffee, and tea are notorious for staining teeth. Even white and herbal teas can wear down your enamel and cause discoloration. Also, limit or avoid sports drinks. These erode enamel as well, which promotes tooth staining. Use a straw when possible, and don’t let beverages linger in your mouth.

2. Avoid these foods

Deeply rich sauces also stain your teeth’s enamel. If you eat a lot of foods containing curry, soy, or tomato sauces, brush your teeth and rinse your mouth soon after the meal. Additionally, acidic foods eat away at your tooth’s protective barrier. Berries, pomegranates, and cherries are vibrant foods that stain, reduce certain fruits in your diet.

3. Stop smoking

If you’re a smoker, consider starting a program to help you remove nicotine from your life. Smoking weakens your immune system and your sense of taste. It also yellows your teeth and gives you bad breath. It’s never too late to quit this habit to improve your oral health and limit your risk of severe gum disease or tooth loss. Scheduling professional teeth whitening treatment at Marina Dental Care may help keep you motivated during your difficult journey to drop the addiction.

4. Embrace crunchy foods

Fruits and vegetables like celery, carrots, and apples are a natural and healthy way to promote saliva production and support dental health. Chewing on raw, crisp foods cleans plaque from your teeth, helping you maintain excellent oral hygiene and fresh breath. The healthier your mouth is, the more robust tooth enamel is, making it resistant to stains or other discolorations.

5. Include more dairy

Instead of running away from the next family photo, say cheese! Milk, cheeses, and yogurt love your teeth. They raise the pH value in your mouth and provide tooth enamel with essential minerals. The high calcium and phosphate levels in cheese, in particular, preserve and protect tooth enamel, preventing yellow or dull teeth.

6. Professional teeth whitening

The final and best tip for brightening your smile is professional teeth whitening. Dr. Chan uses the innovative Zoom!® laser system to zap away problem stains in just 90 minutes. In-office Zoom! teeth whitening is the best method for removing deep stains. This procedure transforms discolored and stained teeth by making them multiple shades brighter in one convenient visit to Marina Dental Care.

Are you ready for a superstar smile?

You’re only one Zoom! treatment away from a superstar smile. White teeth are an indication of health and confidence. Let our experts create a customized teeth whitening plan for you to boost your self-esteem and give you your ideal smile.

Call Dr. Chan at Marina Dental Care at 415-440-9000 or make an appointment using our convenient online booking tool.


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