Dental Bonding — The Quick-and-Easy Way to Improve Your Smile

According to a recent study by the University of Tennessee, smiling actually makes you feel happier. If you’ve always wanted a perfect smile but aren’t too keen on braces or porcelain veneers, dental bonding is the ideal solution.

Dental bonding provides the smile you’ve always wanted to make you feel more confident, which leads to greater happiness.

At Marina Dental Care in San Francisco, cosmetic dentistry expert Dr. Tracy Chan and her skilled team of specialists offer comprehensive and compassionate care.

They help patients improve their smiles every day with dental bonding.

What is dental bonding?

Dental bonding is a treatment that uses a composite resin to improve your smile or fix other problems, like chipped or cracked teeth. The composite resin is created with a plastic and ceramic compound that mimics the feel and appearance of your real teeth.

The process is simple and quick. After roughening the surface of your tooth, Dr. Chan applies the special liquid that helps the bonding adhere to your tooth. Next, the dentist applies the composite resin, which is moldable so it can fit over your tooth.

The resin matches the color of your teeth, making sure your smile looks natural. The flexible material hardens using ultraviolet light. There is no anesthesia or downtime after a dental bonding treatment, which is only one of the many benefits.

What are the benefits of dental bonding?

Dental bonding repairs cracked teeth, and it’s used to protect a tooth’s root, helping you avoid costly and painful procedures in the future. It also quickly improves your smile in many ways.

Preserve your smile

If you have a chipped or cracked tooth, the composite resin repairs and preserves your smile by filling in the missing pieces.

If you have a gap that you want to get rid of, dental bonding makes it disappear. Composite resin can also cover an entire discolored or stained tooth so that it matches the rest of your teeth.

Repair crooked teeth

Besides giving you a whiter smile, dental bonding also repairs crooked teeth. Because the composite resin is flexible, Dr. Chan molds the material into perfectly shaped teeth. This fixes crooked teeth fast without the use of veneers or braces.

Elongate small teeth

Dental bonding allows cosmetic dentistry professionals to elongate small teeth without any invasive procedures.

Besides making teeth more proportionate, the composite resin can also fix misshapen teeth due to normal wear and tear as you age. You can have multiple teeth fixed at once, making dental bonding a one-and-done treatment.

Get affordable and fast treatment

A dental bonding treatment is the quickest, easiest way to improve your smile.

Instead of many separate procedures like whitening treatments, dental recontouring, or braces, bonding is a fast fix for minor teeth flaws and concerns. Because the treatment is simpler than more invasive procedures, it’s also extremely affordable.

Save your money for the sun and sand instead of your smile. Call Marina Dental Care today at 415-440-9000, or make an appointment using our convenient online booking tool.


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